Free to Stream Shows Here

Free to Stream Shows Here

Sunday, November 16, 2014

E Wilks Show - #94 2014-11-16

Some great, very young guitarists from North Korea
Tony and I were the only people in the studio this week.  Thank God, because the technical difficulties were killing us.  We talked about the fun weekends we had.  Some woman got a billion (with a b, did you see that) dollar divorce settlement that wasn't enough for her...or her lawyers.  It was cold in Denver this week, but the real news was that they landed a spaceship on a comet.  Well, the real news turned out to be some guys shirt.

Here is where you can watch the video of the North Korean kids playing guitar

Listen or download the mp3 here:

Or, if you're an iTunes type of listener, you can dowload or subscribe here:

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