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Sunday, April 13, 2014

E Wilks Show - #67 2013-04-13

Marla Keown and Dave Brown join us to celebrate Tony's birthday...he's a big boy now!

We talk sports..Bubba wins the Masters, College Hoop stars go to bed starving.  There are a lot of prescription drugs out there, which ones will impact you most negatively?
Marla (now a photojournalist) served in Iraq and tells us a short story about a getting attacked at Sadam's palace.  She goes on to tells us what it is like over there. 

She has a blog about those experiences here:
And her photo site is here:

Dave was, again, in for some good laughs with us.
Dave recently left Gumbo le Funk and he's an free agent guitarist, now.  Let's get this guy some work

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