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Free to Stream Shows Here

Monday, November 11, 2013

E Wilks Show #45 2013-11-10

Our Class photos from last year, I'm on the left and Brad is on the right 

(Turtle neck, seriously?)

I finally figured out the technology to allow a guest to phone in...and my brother Brad (he's the one on the right and I'm on the left) is the first call-in guest on the show! We talk about his first and our worst job we ever had, at a car wash. It was nothing like the car wash in the movie, in case you're wondering.
Before that, we talk about my unsuccessfully fighting a nasty cold this week;, trying Cayenne pepper tea (sure, it's as horrible as you might figure) and a Netipot. Tony went to a cowboy bar this weekend and cowboys ain't what they used to be. I rediscover the magic of Netflix and play an absolutely random clip from "Jedi Junkies", which must be the most magical documentary ever. Sure, we talk about other shit, but you'll have to listen.

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