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Monday, July 1, 2013

E Wilks Show #26 2013-06-30

Brothers and Pat Telling Stories
My Brothers, Kevin, who lives in CO, and Brad, who is in town from Pittsburgh, came in with a family friend, Pat Callaghan (also in from the 'burgh), whom we've all known for over 40 years.  We sit around talking about our childhood, weird friends, a priest that went sideways before it was cool, time we spent in Indian Guides, my brother making a mess in Ireland and an old woman punching a 1st grader.
We use real names.  You won't know who they are, but it helps with the rhythm of the stories. And it has to be exciting that we're willing to get sued, or our asses kicked.
Oh,  I was too "busy" to get a photo with all of us over the weekend, so I had to do the worst Phostoshop job ever.  From left, that's Brad, me (Sleepy, doesn't anyone taking pictures say "cheese!" anymore), Kevin and Pat.

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