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Free to Stream Shows Here

Monday, February 25, 2013

Show #8 (2013_02_25)
Ben Nafe (top left) comes in to retell a story that I had a hard time recording a couple of weeks ago.  Jenn's husband, Robb Taft (top right) listens in.
During the show, we talk about the worst person in America, the Blade Runner, Michelle Obama, the Justin Bieber of American first ladies...and much much more.  I think we are hitting our stride.

 This is Warner (on the left, next to John Rader) the most decent human being I have seen in a while (I am referring toWarner, not Rader).
And I sit down just two seats away from the guy whom I inadvertently caught crapping in the Safeway. He is wearing the very same kilt that I saw him wearing (sort of) at the Safeway.  

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